3 more days

I can’t believe it! Three more days and April has just ended like that. May will be a very busy month for me, both at work and at home. At work, our team will be on a 24/7 production. My rest day won’t be the usual weekends now. I’m still stuck at 7am to 4pm schedule until August, a special privilege my boss gave me. And during this time, I need to start reviewing for my CCNA exam. I’ve been postponing it several times already. It’s high time I focus and double my efforts in studying.

At home, time to enroll the little boy to Ann Arbor. And that reminds me to follow-up as we haven’t reserved a slot for him yet. I was thinking that if ever he won’t be accepted there, the school is not for him. I can hear myself answering, yeah right!

I’m also working on my son’s photobook. Wish I could finish it before my paypal depletes. Off I go now as I still have to check on ALRI CR2 for my mom.


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