Air21 is no EXPRESS

Let me just vent out my anger!

I ordered at Ebay yesterday and the seller was kind enough to ship the items the same day. I am expecting the items today before 5 pm as I'll be leaving the office by then.

I gave a specific instructions to our guard to notify me once a courier from Air21 arrives in our floor. By 3pm, no courier yet. So I called their hotline asking where the items are. They said the items are already out for delivery.

By 4pm, I called up again asking where the items are. They said that the courier was in our floor at 12:30pm but the office was close. What?! The agent said there were no guards on duty. I said that's so impossible. In the first place, the receptionist of the building wouldn't allow them to go up if our office is close, right? They said they need to verify yada yada yada. I said I want an update after 5 minutes where the hell the courier was.

5 minutes after, no call from Air21. I called them up again and said that their operations dept are calling the courier.

Few minutes later, Air21 called. They said if there is someone who can receive the items for me - like the guard on duty. I said if that was the case, I wouldn't have asked them to deliver the items by 5pm, right? I was so pissed. I asked them when can they deliver the items today and they answered me with their usual I have to verify yada yada yada.

Argh! I need to wait til MOnday before I can lay my hands on the items. Gawd!


One response to “Air21 is no EXPRESS”

Mommie Van said...
September 8, 2008 at 4:16 PM

nku nku did u get the items na chat? ano pala binili mo? ehehehe

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