BER month

Yehey! I can smell and feel Christmas. Only 114 days to go before Christmas. OA as it may seems, I must admit I still do act like a kid during this season. I feel giddy happy. I so love the ambiance now.


And if you may notice, I am alive!!! Still kicking!!! Bwahahaha!!!

This is the longest time I was hiatus from my second world, blogging that is. I lost my zest when the proxy that we were using was officially killed and that all the sites that I frequently visit was blocked. Just imagine how the long dreadful nights at work I experienced last month. Thank God I'm back to day shift now. I felt I am enclosed in a box without anything to do. Everything has limits. I got bored so I simply blog hop from time to time using a web proxy. My internet report would surely show up how many hits for surfaz I had.

Anyways, I do hope I can squeeze time and get chances to update every now and then. I've got tons of kuwentos from the little boy's milestones in potty training, my very first experience in withdrawing money from paypal, and seeing Richard Guttierez. Hahaha!


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