Decent sleep and potty training

I gauge the little boy's and proudly say that he is 80% potty trained. Getting ready to say bye bye nappies. This has been the perks of my night shift. I was able to be on-hand in training him. Though I get to grab just 4 hours of decent sleep a day, it's nothing compared to his achievement on this. What I usually do whenever I arrived home early morning is to get a sleep as the little boy is still in dreamland. By the time the little boy wakes up, he'd wake me up and we'll remove his nappies and wash. He'd changed to shorts then I'll let him play while I try to get a sleep again. From time to time, he'd wake me up by creating whatever noise. Gawd! I get irritated all the time and so often in the verge of shouting at him and losing my temper. At lunch time, I'd let him get messy while eating. He'd take his bath afterwards and put on his clothes. He's so independent now that even choosing clothes to wear is not anymore a task for mommy but his. I'd give him milk (oh, he gets his feeding bottle in the fridge and his can of milk too) and while watching cartoons, I was praying so hard that he'd doze off to sleep. Around 2 or 3 pm, he'd get cranky as a sign that he'd soon be hitting the sack. I'll carry him until he falls asleep. That's the only time I can finally take my sleep too. For four weeks, this has been my daily regimen. And for four weeks, the little boy is wearing nappies at night only. I always remind him to tell me if he needs to pee. He would and he'd run to his potty, pull off his shorts, and while standing and holding his "tenten" will pee. He'd wiggle his tenten afterwards and come to me so I can pull his shorts back on. This is also the same whenever he do #2. The only difference is that the electric fan should be pointed towards him whenever he does #2. Weird, don't you think?

Removing his nappies at night time is a different concern. I am still unsure if he can still control his pee.I know he would eventually. Mommy isn't in a hurry with this so baby take your time , huh.


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