Air21 update

Ok, I promised the part 2 of my horrifying experience with Air21.

Come Monday, I expect to arrive in the office with the package received by my colleague. FYI, I reported to work at 1pm. The seller was already following up if I already received the package. The answer was still a big NO!

By 2pm, I called their customer service following up about the items but I received their usual "package is in transit yada yada yada."

By 3pm, I called up again. Once again, I received their usual answers. I was so busy at work then as there are switches in our data center who went down so I wasn't able to focus calling them up every after 30 minutes.

By 4pm, I am already pissed. The items are still not around. I was screaming when I called them up - not so loud as I don't want to make a scene in the office - explaining to the customer service that if they treated the items with urgency, I should have received it. Did I make a point on this? I guess. I know I'm making a point on them. The guy on the other line told me that I'll be receiving the items before 5pm. I counted on his words - well, not really - I just said I'll count on his words.

By 5pm, no signs of the courier. Gawd! I'm so mad at that time. The seller and I were calling them up every hour for the updates. I even asked the names of the courier as I am definete that I'll be filing a complaint once I received the items.

6pm, 7pm, no items arrived. This was the time when there was a heavy downpour of rain. I called them up again and they were asking me if they can drop off the items with the guards on duty as they can't assure me that the items will arrive before 8pm. What?! So this is what they call with urgency, huh? I'll be in the office by 10pm but I told them that I'll be in the office by 8pm only and I demanded to receive the items before 8pm. Sorry is all they can say.

Before 8pm, an OIC from Air21 called by mobile telling me that the courier is already on the way to the building. Half past 8, the items arrived. As I am already stressed with all the buzz that happened with these guys from Air21, I asked the courier to write his name on a piece of paper.

Aba?! Biglang naghugas kamay agad! He told me he wasn't the courier who was assigned in this route and he was just asked to deliver the items to me. Hmp! No, I insisted to write his name.

To date, the seller is asking for an explanation letter from Air21 what transpired last Saturday and Monday.

I was so persistent with this, and I can see you'll all laught at me when you'd learn that the items were simply... BURT BEE'S RES-Q OINTMENT and BEESWAX LIP BALM. I let myself be stressed and fuming mad because of these items. Hahaha!


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