And Ming-Ming too!

The little boy hasn’t outgrown his addiction to Barney and Spongebob. They still are number one in his fave shows, I guess. Though, he has found another one that caught his attention. He had once caught a glimpse on “Wonderpets” and been singing “And Mingming too!” and “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” days after.

So to avoid the wailing and pleading “sama work” to me, what I usual does is to allow him to take a bath with me after eating breakfast. I will then give him his milk while he watches the show. While he is stuck watching the show, I am then be busy preparing to work. I was wondering though if there are available VCDs or DVDs of this show. I haven’t seen one yet.

PS. The LSD (last song syndrome) applies to me so I’m caught singing “Wonderpets, wonderpets we’re on our way…” here in the office, LOL!


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