Shrimp galore

My dad (Papa) arrived in Manila last Tuesday with 7 kilos of shrimp. Imagine, we feasted for two straight nights with it. I also suffered dyspepsia (indigestion) after pigging out. I hated drinking tea but never had the chance to complain when the husband prepared one for me while scolding me not to eat shrimp that much again. I was like a little girl being scolded, I'm telling you. And the little kid was sweet enough to touch my tummy and caress it while I was growling with pain.

I would still eat shrimp, if the husband is not around. Hehehe!


One response to “Shrimp galore”

September 13, 2008 at 7:22 PM

hi chat,

saarraapp!! ultimate fave ko shrimp. Kaya ko ata umubos ng shrimp kahit 1kilo in one seating. I love it in halabos or buttered shrimp! ummm... now im craving for shrimp!

btw, tagged you