My first experience

1 I never tried to use my company provided health card even just for a simple check-up. Besides, our doctors (pedia and OB) are family friends. I got pregnant but didn’t use it either. I knew that the doctor won’t treat us well if we use the card.

Last Saturday we were out for lunch when the husband felt severe pain on his third molar. He said it was too painful and wanted to have it extracted immediately. And so, we scouted for a dental clinic near the area. After the agony of having the tooth extracted, which didn’t happen on the spot, we went home. I took a mental note, upon seeing the healthcard’s logo on the door, to inquire about their services for us. The next day, I called them up to inquire and we ended up having a schedule Monday afternoon for a prophylaxis for both my son and I.

On the day itself, the just cleaned my son’s teeth manually claiming that he still can’t bear the machine-type of cleaning as he was still young. They even claim that there is no need to have his cavity filled which was opposed to the pedia-dentist we first see at the early part of this year. When it was my turn, the dentist cleaned my teeth well but was shocked when she was announced it was done. She only cleaned my front teeth leaving my molars uncleaned.

Is that the way they handle health card holders? I will ask our coordinators in our office if that’s really the way they handle us.


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