Woot! Woot!

Indeed, the MAN above answers prayers in many ways – mysterious ways that no one can ever predict. Just yesterday, I receive my daily God Whispers Today message which I posted here. It says HE wants me to have money.

I know, I’m getting materialistic these days. Who wouldn’t? Bills are piling up, memo from school arriving almost everyday reminding you to pay this and that. I am literally drowned with payables in my hand.

2I opened my mail today and receive a wonderful greeting.

Take a peek! Aside from that, my boss just gave us a good news. The increase that we (my colleague and I) have been waiting for since the first quarter of this year has finally been approved. Although the company wouldn’t give us the retro pay, they have increased us more than we asked.

Isn’t that a great news?

Thank you Ama! Thank you! Thank you!


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