Fire! Fire!


There was fire on our village yesterday! It was only 6 blocks/houses away from ours. Good thing, the firemen declared fire out and only two houses were burnt.


Yesterday, I arrived in our village in chaos. I simply didn’t know what was happening. I was just irritated with my husband who advised me earlier that he is already going home. I even insisted for him to wait me. I learned that he purposely didn’t inform me that there was fire on-going because he knows I’m one panic queen.

My mom called him up and advised him to go home as it was only my mom, my daughter and my sickly aunt who was there. My two younger brothers were out for an outing. My mom told me that she just prayed that the Man above spared us from the fire as we don’t have anything else aside from our house.

She wasn’t in panic though she let my aunt carry my daughter while she turned off our main electric switch as well as our gas tank. She was only able to take out her bag where she put important documents and my daughter’s milk, water, few clothes and diapers.

When everything was already in normal condition – there were no one in panic mode – I told her why she didn’t thought of keeping my laptop and digicam safe. Her answer was pure and simple. She prefer to keep my daughter safe than try to muster all her strength to keep all material things safe. Aaww.. That is my MOM.

Thanks Mama for continuously loving us unconditionally. I love you so much!


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