Quick movie date

Yesterday, while my little girl is having a slight temperature, I had no choice but to left her with my mom. I have a quick errand to at Metropolis in Alabang - to get my orders in Wacoal - I am a dealer, that's why. Hence, at 3pm the husband and I brave the heat and off we go.

robinhoodWhile I stayed at the store, the husband went around the mall. The time I was finished, the husband asked if I wanted to watch a movie. His friend had three tickets for Robinhood at Festival Mall and asked if we would like to go. In a blink of an eye, he agreed and before I knew it, we were already on our way to the movie house.  I advise the husband that we should go straight home once the movie is done as the little girl is sick.

I get quite bored all through out the movie. Add the factor that I wasn't able to comprehend it as my mind is occupied by my girl. After the movie, we just got a quick stopover to McDonald's to buy dinner and to complete the 2 sets of Shrek toys for the little boy and off we go home.

Rise, and rise again. Until lambs become lions.


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