My president is Bro. Eddie

Exactly two days to go and our country will decide who we think should run our nation. Have you made up your mind? This is the second time for me to vote and like what happened six years ago, I know many would raise their eyebrows as who I will vote for. I will vote neither among the big four presidentiables. My vote, my only vote, my sacred vote is for the man who has true love for the nation and true fear for God.

I am in support of BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA!

Yes, I am a JIL member but that doesn’t make me vote for him. First and foremost, the church does not impose its members to vote for him. The very reason why I prefer him among the others is simply because I, as a voter and a tax payer, believes that he can do much more compared to the others. We don't want to let our taxes be into waste again for the next six years, right?

This is why I think I he deserves my vote:
    1. He is educated.
    2. He is a team leader.
    3. And last but not the least, he is GOD FEARING.

Why settle for the LESS EVIL candidate if there is a GOD FEARING one? Why settle for the candidate who rides on the hype of the nation's compassion towards his parents? Why settle for the candidate who can easily, and will eventually grab one's land for his business?

And like what his jingle says:

Sino pang may malasakit at pag-ibig sa bansa
Sino pa? Eh di ako!
Kailan mag uumpisa? Magkaisa, kumilos na!
Kailan pa? Eh di ngayon!
Sino pa nga bang gagawa?
Sinong pagsisimulan
Sinong magtataguyod ng bayan ni Juan?
Eh di ako!

It’s high time for the Philippines to wake up and stand back again.




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