Ninoy Aquino Day

ninoyEvery 21st of August, we commemorate the death of a hero, Ninoy Aquino. He was assasinated in the tarmac MIA, now known as NAIA. This is a public holiday here in our country. PGMA, our former president, used to move all holidays on its nearest Monday.

Originally, the 23rd of August is a holiday as it is the nearest Monday of the 21st. But PNoy’s decision to declare August 23rd as regular day made everyone else grieving except me. I am very, very grateful for his decision. It means a double pay Saturday for me. (My schedule is Tuesday to Saturday, that’s why.)

"The president is empowered under RA No. 9492 to modify holidays by law, order or proclamation," Lacierda said.

Oh, I’m so happy. Thanks PNoy!


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