Too much to ask for

sick_boy Is it too much to ask for a quite and peaceful weekend? I’ve been drained out this weekend. My youngest, who will turn one exactly 14 days from now, is coughing badly. My husband, on the other hand, is down with flu. Now tell me, how can I divide my attention to two sickies in the house. And if you think my eldest was cooperative, it’s a big NO. While I am attending to the needs of the two sickly, he turns to be the most demanding kid in town.

“Mom, don’t turn your back on me.”

“Mom, I want milk. Stop feeding Claire first.”

“Mom, let’s go here and there.”

Oh, for the love of God, my sanity was almost in the brick of disappearing. Goodness! I didn’t actually know what to do. My husband was moaning so badly because he can’t bear the headache he has. (It makes me irritated at times because I felt he was just acting.) The little girl is extra clingy. If I could only cut myself to three so I can tend to all their needs at the same time, I would. These were the times my temper is tested to its ream, and I’m almost about to explode anytime soon. I’m just holding and giving extra effort to extend whatever needs to be extended as in the end, I still have no one to hold on to except myself.

To think that was just it, NO. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Having sickies in the house rattles me the most. Most especially during this time when our finances aren’t doing well. We still have tons of fees due right now. Tuition fees, debts, and others. Holy cow! Where in the world will I get the money we need? If I could only disappear and float in the air, I would. I just want to have peace of mind even for a single day.


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