My birth month

Cliché as it may sound, but really, time flies so fast. Half of 2010 has already passed and I haven’t accomplished any of my goals yet save to sending Joshua to a good school.

July is my birthday month. I know I should be happy, but deep inside me there is still something missing. It has been two years now since I last celebrated my birthday. I have already accepted the bitter fact that birthdays (or celebrating birthdays) are for kids. For me, the day just simply come and go like any ordinary days. If I won’t be able to attend church on that day, I’d simply say a simple prayer of thanks to the Man above for giving me another year to spend with my kids. We don’t go out. We simply hang out on our house or cuddle in our room. At the end of the day, amidst not being able to celebrate my birthday with a candle and foods, I am still at bliss. Nothing compares to the laughter and giggles I hear from my kids.


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