Wishlist: an all inclusive Jamaica vacation for the whole family

jamaica It is rainy days here in this side of the world unlike the other countries where Mr. Sun is brightly shining now. I always daydream, wouldn't it be nice to be on a beach somewhere lying in hammock that is gently swaying from the ocean breeze coming across the beautiful white sands? I have been stressed out for the past few days, mentally and physically, and I would welcome a break. I was delighted to know that Jamaica vacations are one of the top rated travel destinations on the net. It would have been lovely if it’s just a stone throw away here. They say the island is a melting pot of different cultures – African, Asia, European and Middle Eastern to include a few. And the best and one of the largest beach resorts on the island is the award winning Breezes Grand Resort and Spa, Negril Jamaica. I heard there is no need for a visa to visit, but I still had to confirm it. But right now I would like to update my wish list to include at the very top, an all inclusive Jamaica vacation. I just wish the boss, my dear husband, would approve it. I know he would enjoy it too, with all the great food and beautiful sights to see.


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