osMun closing down?


Earlier this month, I heard a rumour of OsMun closing down. I have relayed to my DH what I heard and of course, we exchanged thoughts about this issue and had been our nightly topic for one week. This has been so timely after ASP won his second term of mayoralty in the city. Who’d feel so bad about it? Those who still believed he is the better leader for the city, the Muntinlupe├▒os who casted their vote for him. The hearsay of workers being laid off and nurses working as volunteers has been confirmed by officemate who’s SIL is a “volunteer nurse” now in the hospital. I don’t want to say further comments on this matter as I might be biased. This has been the first and only public hospital for them and yet, there are speculations of it nearing its end. I just have a simple wish for the city government, that is to put all their means just to save the hospital from closing down.


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