We were able to catch the last full show of Caregiver last Friday night at Festival Mall. I only watch Star Cinema movies – Tagalog movies, that is. Anyways, what can I say about the movie? Sharon may not cried pails of tears but her acting was superb. May mga characters lang na super konti ng exposure sa movie – like her son, lola, mom, siblings, lola, nephews and MIL. I also find Makisig’s exposure in the film a so-so. Did I say I cried while watching it? Babaw luha ko eh, which made hubby laugh a little. He often finds it amusing whenever I cry watching movies.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie from their official website.

Sarah (Sharon Cuneta), a grade school English teacher, joins the 150,000 Pinoy OFWs working in the United Kingdom to support her husband, Teddy (John Estrada), in making a better living for their family.

After that fleeting period of excitement, she experiences the hard challenges every Filipino caregivers face every day: the icy weather, the dirty work, the difficult patients.

Meanwhile, Teddy also struggles with the daily grind in the hospital as he works in the hospital.

Despite the difficulties of adjusting to London life, however, Sarah faithfully stands by her Teddy. She tries to make the most of the situation by giving her best in her work, and in this way, earns the respect of Mr. Morgan, his wealthy old ward. However, Teddy is oblivious to her success, as he is absorbed in his own problems with work. Sarah finds solace in her friendship with Mr. Morgan and his son David, who seems to appreciate her more than Teddy does, and with her little friend Sean (Makisig Morales), who somehow eases her longing for her own son.

Tensions rise between Sarah and Teddy as the stress of London life takes its toll on their marriage.

Will Sarah choose to remain by her husband’s side to keep her family intact? Or will she find the strength to stay in London to continue seeking a better life for her son, even if it means losing her marriage?


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-Jackie- said...
June 5, 2008 at 1:56 AM

nood sana ako d2 s LA chat kaya lng 50 dw ang bayad sabi ko s asawa ko stay home n lng tayu sa internet n lng ako watch lol kuripot ba?lol praktical lng hehehe