Respect privacy

I hate whenever someone peeks on my personal things. Bills under my name should be open none other than me. Whether that may be eletricity, water, phone - please respect it's private. You wait before I show it to you.

Ok now. Our vice mayor send a gift for my upcoming birthday two weeks from now. The gift is cheap, yes, but that wasn't my point. It was addressed to me so I should be the one to unwrap it, please! Why did you unwrap a portion of it? Just to check what the item is? Gawd! That was supposed to be mine, argh!

I hate it whenever people invade my privacy. I'm not a madamot type of person. I even spare myself just to share it with others.

This doesn't not happen just today. Envelopes inside my cabinet was obviosuly been checked. Personal letters too. Even contracts that supposedly none of your business. Now, I'm not sure if my planner is spared on such act.

I am pissed. Normally, I keep Silent. But please, one more act and I'll show you what you've been looking for.


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