VLAN 2 - check!

Whew! Twas a very tiresome OT, but very rewarding one as we were finally done with our second stage in our VLAN project. The configuration of the switches and its ports are far easier than tracing the cables and where in the patch panel it was terminated. Very very tiring activity as we need to check each of the 36 PCs their cable label. Our network contractor is not good in labeling, there are lot of duplicate labels. What's the use of color coded cables if there are still duplicate labels? Argh!!!

Poor Africa2 Deparment, as they were the chosen one - guinea pigs. They only need to access WAN and local servers such as DHCP, Proxy and Lotus Notes - nothing more. That's why. Hihihi! So by Monday, if there won't be any complains with their access as well as other network related issues, we can definitely say we've been successful with it. Or else, everything will be set back to its original config. So more updates on Monday if we've been successful with this. Ciao everyone! Have a great weekend! :-)


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