Friday the 13th

Some say it's malas. Some say it's not.
Whatever others say, I had a taste of it's glitch.

I received my payslip early this morning. I was giddy happy to see it. Then my world crashed when I saw the figures.


I was expecting something big. I was expecting for my salary adjustment. It's natural as the memo indicates that May 12 was the effectivity of it. What the heck is going on with HR/Finance?

Since were not talking about few digits here (teehee), I immediately advised my boss about this. He was actually the one who suggested the adjustment to our Manager.

Few clarifications and I saw myself writing an email of clarification to the HR manager. She replied immediately. The adjustment will be retroactive and be creditted to my next payroll. The reason of late adjustment? They just received the copy of the memo yesterday. Duh?!

Now, what's going on with the people on the 21/F?


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