The taste is sweet

Remember this?

Last Thursday, I tried my luck in online shopping. At first, I was adamant to try. Since many have attest that this work, I tried it as well. And so I chance upon Beadix in multiply who offers branded bags and wallet for a reasonable price. What makes this online seller better than the others is that she accepts paypal as mode of payment. Great! I am even so lucky to see Liz Claiborne wallet that I'm so dying to have months ago. One caught my attention and the rest is history as I may say.

She told me I'll be receiving my item last Saturday and I did. There was even a handwritten note from her. Do visit here site. She's selling RL, Liz Claiborne, Nine West bags. She's also selling accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) which I think she personally does.

For CJ, thanks for the smooth and fuzz free transaction.

Here take a look >>My Liz Claiborne wallet


One response to “The taste is sweet”

June 17, 2008 at 7:39 PM

sis liz clairborne in rustans alabang same as the wallet you posted only mine is white po is worth 1,250 yata. parang ganun lang ang price. :D