Tomorrow is Father's Day

There are often situations and times when we forget to hug our Dads and kiss them and tell them that we love them like we do to our mothers. We assume him to be the provider for the family and all that we want and ponder over the fact that how hard he has to work to get us our daily bread and clothes. We become selfish and all we think about is ourselves. From the time, when we worship our beloved Pops for all that he knows and all that he could, we move on to a rebellious teenage, when we make it a point to argue about everything and anything that he advises to us.

Sometimes, by the time when we realize how much he has sacrificed for us and how often he has stood up against the destiny to protect us from the hard blows of life, it is too late.

Now is the time to show our Dad how much we love and respect him and how much we care for him

Fathers Day


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