Who will be the PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Winner?

It’s the season of PBB again. I can recall being scolded by hubby during the first season since I stayed up late just to watch it. I was pregnant with Joshua then. Now, the Big Night is just a one sleep away. Due to my erratic schedule, I wasn’t able to watch it religiously. So, I don’t actually have a bet on who’ll be the big winner. Anyone can be, it doesn’t matter except Nicole. Yes, at an early age she has been showing signs of being a slut. I know the Nicosef story, LOL! Poor Mica, Josef left her just to be free once Nikki goes out of the house. I don’t like Beauty too, she seems to frank. Robi, on the other hand seems to be playing safe all the time. Ejay is too good to be true. I pity the latter when Daddy John told him that he can’t be an artista since he doesn’t know good English. Kainis talaga yang Español na yan, LOL!

The Big Four of PBB Teen Edition Plus:

The Promdie Hottie (Ejay)
Full Name: Ejay Falcon
Origin: Oriental Mindoro

At first glance, Ejay doesn't look the typical promdi for he moves in a smooth and urbane manner. But as one gets to know him, the truth about his hometown begins to show, not that he tries to hide it. This shy lad from Oriental Mindoro speaks with straight and clear Tagalog, with a taint of Mindorenyo and a Visayan accent. Ejay grew up in the island of Pola where there is a scarcity of water and electricity, and watching TV Patrol and primetime teleseryes from the community TV, the only form of entertainment for the residents. Despite his timid ways acquired from his rural origins and strict Christian upbringing, Ejay is courageous and determined, ready to take on anything just to free his family from the poverty that ruined his parents' marriage. He dreams big for his family that even if he is granted one wish, he’d not ask for fame but for his family to be together again. He is hopeful that Pinoy Big Brother is the first big step to realizing this dream.

The Rebellious Beauty (Beauty)
Full Name: Christine Marie Gonzalez
Origin: Dumaguete

Beauty is a known sugarcane princess, coming from a family of landed hacienderos in Negros. With doting parents and nannies to do everything for her, she is pretty much used to people around her giving in to all her whims.But despite of this, Beauty learned early in life the value of having principles, and this belief of hers has already gotten her into catfights in school.After a controversial brawl in defense of her own reputation, Beauty was prevented from joining her graduation march as imposed by the officers of her school. Beauty admits to being vain and is very conscious of her looks even at a very young age. But she hopes that the other housemates would look beyond this characteristic of hers for she is also very friendly, a “loka-loka” and easy to get along with.

The In-Chick (Nikki)
Full Name: Nicole Kim Uysiuseng
Origin:Quezon City

Nikki is not your typical hyper-active and expressive teen. At a young age, she has learned to take hold of her emotions and control her actions (read: prim and proper). Very in character for the daughter of a Chinese businessman, who has led a sheltered and comfortable life thus far. The biggest problem she’s had was the initial disapproval of her family towards her chosen guy, but even that is now resolved and all is right in her world. Everything is quite perfect for this little miss: a good life, a supportive family, and a blooming love life. Nikki thinks she’ll be able to get along quite well with the other housemates, as long as there are no plastic people in the group. Once you get past her shy and quiet demeanor, Nikki is friendly and ready to take on tasks and adventures. It is interesting to see how Nikki will be able to deal with the diverse personalities of the housemates. Will she still be able to keep her cool? How will Nikki cope with the simpler life in Kuya’s house? Moreover, will her young love stand the test of time and distance, especially with a number of cute boys in close proximity?

The True Blue Atenean (Robi)
Full Name: Robert Marion Domingo
Origin:Quezon City

Being a housemate, Robi has to forego his high school graduation – and the chance to receive his award for excellence personally. Living up to being a man for others, though, he considers the chance to be a housemate a worthy compromise, not because it may be a claim to fame but as an opportunity to be a good influence to others.Aiming high, he hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in medicine. A member of the baseball varsity and the honor roll as well, it seems all is set for Robi. One thing he can’t seem to get the hang of, unfortunately, is his love life. He got dumped both times he tried courting a girl, though he’s really persistent in pursuing the second. Too bad they don’t teach Courtship (Anti-torpe) 101 in high school. As he enters the PBB house, Robi has very positive thoughts on today’s youth. He perceives them to be well-rounded individuals, versatile and willing to try out a variety of things. He carries the same attitude towards his housemates, believing the best of them as he looks forward to hanging out with them despite the varied interests. Having the Atenean school spirit, will he still be able to think the same way when he lives in close quarters with someone from a rival school? Is he truly the good trophy boy that he seems to be? Will Kuya teach a summer course on courtship inside the yellow house? And will he have a summer love to boot?

Pictures and infos from PBB Teen Edition Plus official website


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