NBA 2008 Championship

No, I'm not a fanatic of NBA. But since hubby won't sleep yet not until the game is over, I found myself hooked on it as well. Today is Game 6, with 4-2 ranking favoring Boston Celtics against LA Lakers.

When the game reaches it's 4th quarter, it was very obvious. They have dismantled Lakers with the score of 131-92. It was a sweet win for the Celtics, their first title in 22 years.

Congrats to Celtics!


One response to “NBA 2008 Championship”

Vannie said...
June 19, 2008 at 10:56 AM

nyahahah my hubby was crushed.lost Php500.00 pa hahaha.

by the way chat if its not too much to ask, please vote for my blog here its in the right sidebar VANNIEDOSA.

Thanks ha.