He pinched the baby!!!

Went home last night seeing my little boy wide and awake. My mom told me to ask him what does he did with the baby - pertaining to the newborn baby of my younger brother. I asked him and he narrate "kurot baby iyak." Oh my! He actually pinched the baby's arm!

Gawd! I asked him if he says sorry to the baby and he told me yes. I immediately went to the mother asking her what happen. The truth is, the mother just get something from the table when she saw the little boy pinching the baby's arm. The arm gets red, of course.

You know what happen next? I told the little boy that we he did is wrong and that he can't go near the baby anymore not without someone to look after him. That means he can't even touch nor kiss the baby unless someone is holding him. Baka may mangyari pang masama sa baby. And the little boy's reaction? Wala! He covers his face with Tigger and doesn't want to be carried nor hugged by us.

Manang mana sa ama pag pinapagalitan ko. Afterwards, he's back to his kulit and likot mode again. Oh well...

Happy Weekend everyone!


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