12 Words

Thanks Mich!

Two words meme: this meme is different because it is up to the player to write his/her own words and give his/her own interpretations of these words. present 12 words that mean something and explain why:

1. Family - my everything
2. Baby - makes me feel I did the right decision before
3. Husband – most understanding and loving person
4. Father - a good provider
5. Mother - sacrifices a lot
6. Work - staring at the monitor, LOL!
7. Christmas - giving gifts and reunions
8. Kisses - wet kisses from Joshua is bar none, the best
9. Chocolates - comfort food
10. Peace - inner peace
11. Dream - something I would have in the right time
12. Happiness - is being with my loved ones

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Mich said...
July 25, 2008 at 7:53 AM

thanks for playing along Chat! happy Friday!