I am back

Just got back from the province yesterday night. Went to Pangasinan Wednesday night and went back to Manila yesterday. Anyways, I'm still dead tired and yet need to report to office as my boss is on leave today. So, I'll just share some pictures with you taken by hubby.
the little boy loves to walk on the grass

hubby's attempt to take a shot of the butterflies around

this shot is mine

flowers and orchids around the area

a few more shots from hubby

my son with with what he calls "berp berp"

flower shots

munching MMs while inside the bus

It was hubby's first time in Pangasinan and boy, he loves the place. He was amazed with all the flowers on the area, so obvious with his shots. He was like a kid asking if there are are bird sellers there as he hears a lot of chirping sound. A true blood Manilenyo who has finally had a taste of a province life. We wish to stay longer maybe next time.


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Princess Vien said...
July 20, 2008 at 7:42 PM

ei there.. check out my new blog..