CCNA in the future

Being a graduate of IT, you don’t need to pass any licensure exam to be big time in this kind of industry. You think it was just that simple? Nope! You may not need to pass any licensure exam but you need to take certifications (a lot) to be called successful in this industry. I myself am an example. I haven’t taken Cisco certification yet. But, if there is one thing I badly want to accomplish this year is to take such certification. It’s necessary in my field, network to be exact. My supervisor, who is a Cisco certified (CCNA), advised us to take it now before any other certification as this can help us shape our career in the future. It is so easy to take one. All you need to do is to enroll in the course, which are either the usual four or five courses or the boot camp which is only five days. After which, you can review on your own and take the test. Simple!
Once you have been a Cisco certified, you can actually “sell yourself” into a higher compensation. You can get another certification as to be something big in this field. Cool! After being certified, everything will fall into its proper places. Besides, being Cisco certified is not just a mere certification. Once you get such, you’ll be called “big time” in this industry. I bet this is really, really cool. So to all IT people out there, go and be certified.

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One response to “CCNA in the future”

Jonathan said...
July 26, 2008 at 3:39 AM

Interesting information, another good place to go for information would be the Cisco website. I recently got my CCNA from there and i'd recommend it for anyone who's looking for information on CCA certs or anything else in IT.