I was bitten

by a PUPPY. It all happened yesterday morning. Our puppy was playing inside our house when all of a sudden he pass through my feet. Of course, my instant reaction is to pull my feet away from him. There goes a scratch on my feet which I can't figure if done by his teeth or nails.

Instead of risking for my safety, we went straight to RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine) to get my dose of anti-rabies and anti-tetanus. I've got 4 shots aside from the 2 uber painful skin test. My arm is still aching because of the anti-tetanus shot that was given to me. I'll be going back there for 3 more shots - I just hope no more skin test as hubby's arm is full of nail scratches from me already, LOL!


One response to “I was bitten”

July 28, 2008 at 4:00 PM

naku sis ang saket!!! hope okay ka na:)

btw, have an award for you :)