Remembering the sleepless nights

All of us, I certainly believe went through the sleepless nights during college years making our own thesis. Good thing there was Internet that could help us do our research for this and that topics. During my time then, we almost spend a lot of our time doing our dissertation. I believe everybody would do the same as all of us would have wanted to graduate, right? One more thing that is most tricky during this crucial days is that some of us, most often than not, plagiarize the other’s works. Others went to our local Quiapo to buy other’s works. Not anymore. I actually found a site where one can buy essay, term papers, research papers, etc. They also offer editing services to students who had hard time doing his or her own thesis. They also offer services of writing your own resume that can easily attract employers in the future. No need to worry as what they offer is unique is 100% plagiarism free. Ain’t that cool? Hahaha! Would I found out that earlier, I would have bought one instead of gruelling sleepless nights thinking of what to scribble, arranging my thoughts and making sure that my thought is not like what I’ve downloaded on the net. Lucky are the college students nowadays, don’t you think?


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