My little boy is kidnapped

By my mom, that is. My mom is going to Pangasinan yesterday. We were exchanging messages whether the little boy can come with her. At first I agreed, but later on become hesitant as there is a storm here in the country. When I told her to leave the little boy at home, she replied that they are already on their way to the bus station. What?! I wasn’t prepared. I bombarded her with questions like did they bring enough milk, feeding bottles, clothes (pajamas in particular), extra food and juice, toiletries, vitamins and all. I was in a panic. I almost cried when my mom informed me that they’ll be going home on Saturday. What again?! This is the first time I won’t be seeing the little boy this long. I am planning to take a leave tomorrow until Friday so that hubby and I can fetch the little boy at province. Hopefully, my boss would approve it.


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