I admit I often neglect my mom’s worth when I was still younger. My point of view totally changed when I too, became a mom. Just last Sunday, the whole world celebrated our day, Mom’s Day. I totally planned that day month’s ago and what should I give to my mom for that special day. I even searched online as to where she’d be having good massage – I’ll pamper her. However, things didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be as she went off to Pangasinan last month. So instead of giving her spa treatment, I was thinking of giving her a watch – a cartier watch perhaps. Besides hers that was given by my dad decades ago needs to be replaced. It’s now high-time to give her a luxury watch after painstakingly attending to my needs when I was still single and even now that I have my own family. Lucky me, I found my website that offers not just watches but also other luxury watches for women. Seeing those makes me drool and wish to wear something like those in the future. For now, those will just be my eye candy. I’d rather buy something for my mom first than me.


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