Joshua's milestones

I haven't blogged about my kid's milestones. I can't remember the exact month as to when he learned this and that. Blame it all on my anesthesia, lol! So I would just share it in random.
  • Loved to sing. First song he learned is the I Love You, You Love Me from Barney. I tell you, he can carry the tune kahit na garble words lang lumalabas sa bibig nya.
  • Learned to say his name before he turned two. That is the short line Mi nem is tarl dusha emamem t odez (My name is Carl Joshua Emmanuelle C. Moldez)
  • Learned to count one to ten months after he turned one.
  • Learned to sing ABC after memorizing one to ten.
  • Learned to say words if it's with kalokohan. Blame it all to Jojo.
  • Knew how to play pretend. He would close his fist and pretend to lick it and says ice chim (ice cream). He would put something imaginary on my mouth and says ang ang (anghang), mis (tamis/panis), lalat (alat).
  • Knew some parts of his body like ulo (head), inong (ilong), mata (eye), enga (ear), may (hand), paa (foot), nis (knees), mout (mouth), tyan (tummy).
  • Loves to write. Says lat (write) if he wants to write. He would then get a pen and paper and write and says tircle (circle).
  • He knew some animals and their sounds like fishda (fish), tichen (chicken and it's sound ah ah oh), dongdong (dog and it's sound aw aw), miming (cat and it's sound meow).
  • Says bawal if my brother offers him softdrinks. He still doesn't drink softdrinks nor eat chips yet. I'm sticking to my preference that he'll have his taste of those once he turns seven.
  • Loves to eat his current favorite breakfast meal uu crush (koko krunch) with fresh milk on it.
Now, the only thing that I am still unsuccessful to teach my son is to speak English. I often caught my mom speaking to him in Ilocano to my husband's dismay. He still doesn't know how to speak clearly daw then it'll be mixed up with other dialects. He knew Yes/No before but it was changed to Opo/Hindi/Ayaw now. I still talked to him in English, he often understands it but still responds in Tagalog. How can I be successful on this kaya? Any tips to Mommies with English-speaking kid, Peachy, Joy, Abie and Jane?


One response to “Joshua's milestones”

Vannie said...
June 2, 2008 at 9:24 AM

wow chat ang galing naman ni joshua! dami na nya words before he turned 2!

a tag for you here pala.