I've recently posted my problem of who's going to look for my son while we (his Meme and Daddy) are out at night for work. Last Monday, we asked my brother's preggy GF to look for him. The next day, the girl was already ranting that she slept late because of my kid and even woke up around 2am to watch for my son. She never stops ranting about how she lacks sleep to my brother that I even got pissed hearing it.

So, I mustered enough courage to talk to our trusted boarder if she can look for my son during night time. And since she has her own family, she told me to have Joshua sleep over at their unit. I saw how giddy happy my son was went we left him there since he has someone to play with. Everything is temporarily, and hopefully Mama's plan to go back to Manila on Saturday push through. As with my brother's GF, she has the whole house all by herself at night. Good luck to her!


One response to “Sleepover”

Vannie said...
May 8, 2008 at 4:15 PM

buti there are other people willing to help out!

ano ba yang gf ng bro mo batukan naten! ahahaha