Network issue again?!

“May problem ba tayo sa network?”

That’s the first words I heard from my colleague when I entered our room. I got pissed immediately. Hey! I just arrived. I haven’t turned on my PC nor read mails yet. And you were expecting me to know if there’s an issue with our network. Argh!

Few minutes, I learned that we’re having intermittent connection to Geneva. So I emailed everybody about the issue. A supervisor from operations was asking me about the projected time of resolution. Ang sarap sabihin, malay ko! I mean, we have a third-party network provider who I have correspondence with regarding the issue. They are the one who’ll be investigating and fixing the problem. Besides, we are not just the country experiencing packet loss to Geneva. Kainis!

At press time, we still have the issue. Kung pwede lang sana na deadma na ako sa issue kaya lang ako naman mapapagalitan ng boss ko. Whew!


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