The old proxy I mean. As you may notice, I recently had the opportunity to post and edit my previous posts – that is justified paragraph, bold and italic links, change layouts, etc – when our old proxy died. Or so I thought it died. Apparently, one of the supervisors here did something on the configuration and add a site for the proxy to block which made it function “improperly.”

Since we temporarily used our Singapore ROHQ proxy – where blogger, friendster, youtube, yahoo, pep and multiply aren’t blocked – I had the grandest time at night to surf my heart out to those banned sites. Now, our old proxy is back and we are required to use. So, I’m actually using “iwantsurf” – a web proxy to login to blogger and create post. The only problem I have with this is that I can’t justify the paragraph, insert pictures, and all. Oh well… Good things never last.


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