That's how my night was.

Panic mode as early as 10pm. My heart was palpitating fast, my whole body trembling. The reason, network connection to Geneva was down. I mean, I still doesn't have enough knowledge to troubleshoot it. My first step. Call help from my boss who was in deep slumber when I called - his voice was so sleepy, like a drunk man. Second step, ask our third party network provider to investigate why our routers are not working. See, they were the only one who has access to do those. Our access is up to the core switch only. Tsk tsk tsk. Good thing, they were good samaritans (technically knowledgeable) who help me troubleshoot the whole issue. The problem runs for almost two hours, and the resolution was just to reseat the data cable of our bandwidth shaper in the core switch. Voila! Network connection restored.

Breathe in.. Breathe out.. Relax mode again.


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